Tom Worby (03.04.1993 bei der Jagdsabotage getötet):
Tom Worby war aktiv in der Jagdsabotage. Am 03. April 1993 wurde er während des Protests gegen die Fuchsjagd im englischen Cambridgeshire von einem Jagdfahrzeug überrollt und getötet. Obwohl Tom mit dem Kopf an den Wagen schlug hielt der Fahrer nicht an, sondern fuhr weiter wobei Tom irgendwann unter den Rädern zerquetscht wurde und kurz darauf starb. Tom war 15 Jahre alt als er starb. Alan Ball, der Fahrer des Jagdwagens, wurde nie zur Rechenschaft gezogen.

Tom Worby
On the 3rd of April 1993, Tom Worby, a 15 year old saboteur attending his first foxhunt protest, was crushed under the wheels of the Cambridgeshire Fox Hunt’s hound van in an incident all too reminiscent of the killing of Mike Hill two years before.
After a successful day’s sabbing, the hunt had boxed up and sabs were making their way back to the meet down a narrow lane. As the hound van came up behind them, revving its engine, sabs scrambled for the roadside; however Tom’s jacket became snagged in the vehicles wing mirror and he was dragged some distance before he managed to gain a foothold on the van’s running board. Although he banged on the window the van kept going, and when Tom finally lost his grip, he fell onto the road and under the truck’s wheels. His head was crushed by the rear wheels of the vehicle and he died shortly afterwards. No action was taken against the driver of the hound van, 53-year-old huntsman Alan Ball.

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